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Sellers Guide

Selling a home is a complex process. Whether this is your first time selling or you’ve done this many times before, there is a multitude of things to consider before listing your home on the market. This guide will provide useful insight.


Talk to a REALTOR

I am always here to answer questions, ensure you have the necessary professionals behind you and documentation in place to secure the best possible outcome.

Consult a Lawyer

I can recommend exceptional lawyers for consultation before signing any agreements.

Offers and Negotiations

You will more than likely receive an offer based on current market conditions, but not all buyers are willing to send over their best offer right out of the gates. I will negotiate with buyers on your behalf to get the best price l and will work until you receive an offer you are satisfied with.

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Some offers come with conditions that the seller must satisfy before sealing the deal. Common conditions include a satisfactory home inspection by a licensed inspector, home repairs, approved mortgage by a certain date, or possession of the property within a certain timeframe. If these conditions are not met, the agreement cannot move forward.

Real Property Report

Sellers are required to show documents to buyers such as the Real Property Report (RPR) with evidence of municipal compliance. I can help you interpret this document.

Transfer of Ownership

After conditions have been waived, your lawyer will check over all the paperwork sent by our conveyancing department to ensure all is in order. They will then set up an appointment to discuss title transfer, closing costs, mortgage payout penalties and amounts, and the process of transferring the property’s title. You will also need to discuss how to handle utilities, insurance and any other contracts you may have tied to the property, up until possession day.

Possession Day

It is imperative to ensure that all contractual pre-existing conditions are met, in order so that possession day is not delayed. I will stay in touch with everyone involved in the transaction to make sure this is the case. Should the buyer find conditions unsatisfactory after the possession date, their lawyer will contact yours for arrangements. After all the issues have been resolved, both parties will then be released from their previous obligations.