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Jan 10, 2022
Published by Ammoree Amankwah
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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to marketing your listing, this could not be more true. Essentially every property for sale is on the internet and buyers are able to scour hundreds of listings a day. The first picture they see of a house often determines whether or not they decide to look further at it. It’s imperative the photos in your listing grab their attention and adequately reflect your home’s positive qualities.

You can do several things to make your home photogenic. An outside view of the house is usually the lead photo on a listing. The yard should be free of debris, landscaped nicely, and the home’s exterior well maintained. This includes making sure cars and people are not visible while photographing. Proper outdoor lighting is a must. If you can catch the warm glow of sunrise or sunset, then all the better. When gloomy weather is unavoidable, work with it. View your home from a distance at different times of day to determine which time and vantage point is most visually pleasing.

Once you’ve succeeded at enticing people with your exterior photo, now you need to make sure your interior pictures are just as impressive. As with the outside, keep the house free debris, free of people and pets, and well cleaned. Don’t waste time and marketing space with photographs of redundant rooms or objects. Unless your bathroom is impressive, there’s no point in photographing every toilet. The same rule applies when there are multiple, identical bedrooms. Find the unique and beautiful qualities about your home that make it different from others. These are the things buyers are looking for when they click on your listing.

Most REALTORs® take their own photographs of their listings. This is completely acceptable: as long as the pictures turn out completely acceptable! Occasionally, bad photos are simply the result of bad photography. In my opinion, this occurs infrequently.  Real estate agents want to sell your listing, and most are very aware of the impact bad pictures will have on their ability to sell your house. However, if you feel your home is not being photographed true to it’s potential, it’s time to talk to your REALTOR® to find a solution. Likewise, beware of photos that are too good to be true. Some real estate agents are tempted to enhance their photographs to the point it is unrealistic. Buyers will feel cheated and annoyed if they show up at your house and it looks nothing like the pictures.

You are the best judge of your home’s good qualities. Communicate with your REALTOR® what you feel are the best views and features of your property. By working together, you and your real estate agent can create the most appealing pictures for your listing.

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